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If your loved one is substance abuse impaired, is suffering from a mental illness or is dual diagnosed and refusing treatment, you can intervene by taking the first step in getting them help by contacting attorney Mari Blumstein.

Deciding what type of action to take when your loved one refuses to get treatment is challenging and stressful. Over time, it takes a toll on the family.  An experienced attorney can help you by explaining the available options whether it is for substance abuse, mental health treatment or both. The next step is implementing whatever legal process is necessary to get the right treatment for your loved one. You do not have to navigate the court system on your own. Mari Blumstein will take immediate action to assist you in obtaining the most appropriate treatment for your loved one so that they can achieve sobriety and stability.

Practice Areas

Mari Blumstein, P.A. is a law firm exclusively focused on substance abuse disorder and mental health issues in both the areas of civil and criminal law.

The Marchman Act

If you have a family member or friend with an addiction, they may have a substance abuse disorder that requires treatment. As you may know, often times they may not recognize the need for treatment or the extent of their problem. Or they may have tried treatment in the past but it didn’t work. The Marchman Act allows for the involuntary assessment and commitment to treatment of an individual suffering from substance abuse disorder.  One way to start the process is to file a petition with the clerk. Following, a judge can issue an ex parte order immediately or, hold a hearing and order the person to be admitted to a hospital, addictions receiving facility or a detoxification facility for assessment and stabilization. If it is determined after assessment that further treatment is needed, another petition (for involuntary treatment) may be filed and the court can order inpatient or outpatient treatment.

The petition and court orders are confidential and protected under federal law.

The Baker Act

The Florida Statute known as the Baker Act is utilized to provide crisis intervention services for individuals suffering from mental illness. Specific criteria must be met for involuntary examination and treatment under the Baker Act.

If your loved one has a mental illness and is refusing treatment and is a danger to himself or others or, is unable to care for himself, a Baker Act can be initiated.  This process should be utilized when all other less restrictive alternatives to treatment are not appropriate or available.

To read more about Baker Act laws click here.

Educational and Consultative Legal Services

Treatment professionals and facilities may need legal advice regarding proper implementation of the Marchman and Baker Acts. Mari Blumstein can provide consultation as well as educational training to providers to ensure they are updated and in full compliance with the law.

Family Law and Domestic Violence

Mari Blumstein is available to consult on family law and child custody cases when mental health or substance abuse disorder are an issue. She also works on these issues in domestic violence cases.  Additionally, she will ensure that the laws governing protection of individual privacy rights relating to mental health and substance abuse treatment records are adhered to.

Mari S. Blumstein, P.A.

Mari S. Blumstein is a member in good standing of the Florida Bar and the Broward County Bar. She has been practicing law since 1987 and spent 35 years as a Broward County Assistant State Attorney. Ms. Blumstein is an accomplished litigator, spending her entire legal career in the courtroom. She developed a specialty in mental health, representing the State at Baker Act hearings at all licensed receiving facilities in Broward County for over 30 years.

Ms. Blumstein also was involved in Marchman Act hearings during her career at the State Attorney’s Office and has experience in substance abuse disorders as well as mental health. Often, people have “co occurring disorders” which can make treatment more challenging, but not impossible.

In Felony Mental Health Court, Ms. Blumstein was a supervisor. Her responsibilities included overseeing and handling criminal cases that involved mentally ill, dual diagnosed and intellectually disabled defendants. The cases included nonviolent crimes such as grand theft, burglary, drug possession and delivery as well as violent crimes such as robbery, kidnapping, carjacking and sexual battery. In this court, Ms. Blumstein litigated hundreds of cases involving competency and downward departures, utilizing expert witnesses to reach the proper resolution. When appropriate, treatment was court ordered opposed to prison.

Her unique experience in both civil and criminal mental health and substance abuse and her contacts with local psychiatrists, psychologists and addiction professionals gives Ms. Blumstein an edge over other attorney’s practicing in this area. She has lectured on the Baker Act to physicians and case managers at area hospitals and to prosecutors at the Florida Prosecuting Attorney Association. She has been a panel member at the Broward County Crime Commission’s Fourth Annual Juvenile Crime Conference and at Florida Partners in Crisis Annual Conference for Judges. Ms. Blumstein also served as a panel member at the National Judicial College for their Mental Competency Best Practices Model.

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